Sweet Success! Meet Dr. Shane

I had no idea how my life would change when Shane (1) and Shane (2) became clients of mine in July 2012. That isn’t a typo – Shane and Shane share a name – a clear sign from the Heavens that they were meant to share their lives together too. These two bring an energy to the studio that simply can’t be put into words. Their stall tactics (“Have you ever seen Avenue Q?”), their entertaining personalities (showing up to their session dressed as Richard Simons), and their annual awards for best Halloween costumes don’t begin to touch on their crazy antics. While this is the success story of Dr. Shane (1), it could not be told without giving a great big shout out to Shane (2). Confused yet? Good. Here is a story of SWEET SUCCESS.

Dr. Shane, a Pediatric Dentist, was 39 when we began working together. At 6’1″ his health metrics were less then steller:

Starting Weight: 288.5
BMI: 38
Body Fat Percentage: 34%
Waist Circumference: 44.5″

I don’t share these measurements for anything other than a point of reference, because this guy absolutely committed to changing his life and his new measurements are off-the-charts, crazy fantastic! More on that later…

Our approach was very straight forward: Shane and Shane both logged their food in My Fitness Pal every single day. I reviewed their printouts and gave them grades based on the quality of foods they chose. They “cheated” only on scheduled “cheat days” and they worked out very hard. This was a bit of a trick at first as Dr. Shane needed to work out at an intensity that was considerate of his cardiovascular health while Shane 2 was ready to ramp it up a little quicker. Tricky or not, Dr. Shane rose to the challenge and worked the program. We did circuit training 2 days a week and cardio was added in on alternate days. I also can’t forget to mention the strength training that Dr. Shane did on his own when he would shop at Target and visit the aisle with the free weights in it. I thought he was joking about that until Shane 2 sent me a picture of Dr. Shane doing bicep curls in the middle of the store. See, these two are very cool cats who know how to have fun!

Shane 2 was a rock for Dr. Shane while himself committing to reaching his own health goals. He cooked healthy meals, packed Dr. Shane’s breakfasts and lunches, and made sure to slowly cut out those foods that I did not advise as part of a healthy eating plan. Well, all but the fake cheese (read: fat free, plastic slices) that they can’t seem to give up!!! Right boys? 😉

Dr. Shane’s first goal was to lose 50 pounds, bringing his weight down to 238. He busted through that like a freight train. The next goal? To get down to 220. BAM! Done! So want to know where he stands now?

Current Weight: 196 (down 92.5 pounds)
BMI: 26 (down 12 points)
Body Fat %: 23 (down 11%)
Waist Circumference: 33 (Down 11.5″)

Dr. Shane has lost more than 55 inches from his arms, legs, chest and abdomen!!! In 2013 he ran his first 5K and 8K and is now in training for an ultra marathon. (JUST KIDDING SHANES!) Now THAT is SWEET SUCCESS! I couldn’t be more proud to be on this journey with the Shanes. Check out these before and after pictures and BRING ON THE PRAISE! They both deserve it!!!

Dr. Shane while on one of his biannual trips to Guatemala, acting as the US Ambassador for Dentistry for All.

The stunning Shane 2 (left), Dr. Shane (right).
Dr. Shane after finishing his first 8K.
Dr. Shane, again doing good deeds in Guatemala.