Ditch Your Cheat Days

I’ve read hundreds of articles… in best-selling books authored by “leading experts in the field of nutrition” and in magazines staring at me from the racks of supermarkets… that preach the benefits of having a cheat day each week as part of a healthy diet. Literally hundreds of articles that, in my best estimation, seem to do nothing but feed into the disordered eating habits of our society.

I firmly believe that if you want to become a healthy, fit individual, you need to ditch cheat meals or cheat days. The word itself elicits emotions that will prevent you from having a healthy relationship with food.

Cheat [cheet]


to practice fraud or deceit; to violate rules or regulations; to act in a dishonest way; to swindle or defraud;

Let me approach this another way. In what other area of your life have you ever planned to cheat every week and then felt really good about it? How would you feel if you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife every week? Or if you cheated on an exam at school every week? Or if you cheated a friend out of money every week?

Ditch the cheating behavior – you are only cheating yourself out of having a healthy balance in life – the kind of balance that means you take part in an impromptu gathering to celebrate a friends birthday, or have a drink with coworkers to close out a big project at work. I guarantee you are worthy of those experiences and the results of that healthy balance will show.

Worthy [wur-th ee]


deserving; having adequate or great merit, character, or value; of commendable excellence;